Lokaal gesloten mtb Corona maatregelen

Beste leden, 

De verdere evolutie van de corona dreiging is jullie niet ontgaan. Tot nader order is het lokaal bijgevolg gesloten. Dit in het belang van de volksgezondheid, onze gezondheid en ten behoeve van alle personen met een verhoogd risico.
De heropening van ons lokaal zal volledig afhankelijk zijn van de beslissingen van de Veiligheidsraad. 


Classic Steam Trains

The steam locomotive is an important part of our industrial heritage. By the end of the nineteenth century railroads were the principal means of communication and land transportation worldwide, and they became synonymous with progress and economic development.
Nostalgically, the steam locomotive is often viewed as a marriage of art and technology, and surely, no other machine has been the subject of or featured in so much literature, nor so many songs, paintings, films and photographs.

British Steam: The Classic Years

For excitement and romance, the sight of a steam train in full flight takes some beating. British steam trains have a special place in our hearts, and this book catalogues the rise and fall of these magnificent machines in gripping detail. The battle to conquer the north, the speed race to the west, the quest for comfort and elegance, are part of the vibrant, fascinating story of the steam train in Britain. The author explains the problems of each new frontier - geographical, technical or social – and the intense rivalry between the rail companies.


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