Lokaal gesloten mtb Corona maatregelen

Beste leden, 

De verdere evolutie van de corona dreiging is jullie niet ontgaan. Tot nader order is het lokaal bijgevolg gesloten. Dit in het belang van de volksgezondheid, onze gezondheid en ten behoeve van alle personen met een verhoogd risico.
De heropening van ons lokaal zal volledig afhankelijk zijn van de beslissingen van de Veiligheidsraad. 

The railways of France



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Railway operations are carried on in the limelight, and ever since the first trains were hauled by “ fiery monsters ”, it has been exceptional to find people who have not taken considerable interest in those great undertakings — the railways. In France, it seems that this curiosity is particularly lively to-day as a result of the achievements of the French Railways, which include the speed of the trains and their punctuality, the mass transport of passengers and goods at peak periods, and new developments of all kinds which mark the stages of a rapid progress wholely directed towards ever more modern methods of operation.
As these numerous changes take place, however, the railway becomes more and more of a mystery. We felt, therefore, that we should be complying with the wishes of the public in trying to initiate them by means of this booklet, into the principal problems, sometimes very complex, of which the solution has enabled a great public service, more than a hundred years old, to meet the very diverse needs of our economy. We hope that all will find here, in straightforward language, relieved of over-technical phraseology, the explanation of the unusual things which have impressed them during their travels. Thus the features of the new railway will become clearer as each page is turned. We believe that the reader, understanding better the considerable achievements of the past 15 years on our great railway, will be willing to give not only his confidence but also his friendship to the company of railwaymen.